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Our Team

The Thrivers

Right 2 Thrive recruits team members from the community we serve. Our staff is fully immersed in the community and therefore can serve as effective change agents on the ground.


Community Relations Manager

Rubo Ogoti

Kerubo joined Right 2 Thrive as a student in 2013, then worked as an Intern,  Program Assistant, and the Community Relations Coordinator before moving up to manager. Kerubo now manages all of R2T's social media, our university internship program, relationships with other community-based organizations, fundraising, and grant writing.
"I like working for R2T because its main priority is to empower families. I'm also very passionate about networking, working with diverse populations and utilizing social media to advocate for communities. My main happiness is being part of an empowered, flourishing and thriving community, just as I am"

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