How Your Donation Helps

Examples of how we use donations:


$25         Covers the cost of one pair of school shoes

$50         Covers the cost of one BodyTalk healing session for one student


$100       Allows 1 student to participate in 3 field trips per year


$150       Covers school fees and basic school supplies for 1 year

$250       Complete school uniform for one year


$500       Sports equipment for the youth empowerment program for 1 year


$750      Complete primary school student sponsorship for 1 year (include healthcare) 


$1000     YEP Life Skills Training Supplies for 1 year

$2500     1 University student sponsorship for 1 year

$5000     Holistic Wellness Program for Youth: Transformational Breathwork,                Coaching & Mentoring, Emotional Intelligence Training, Tapping, Energy Work

$10,000   1 year of after-school Youth Empowerment including tutoring, life skills, coaching, mentoring, sports, art, music, dance and more.


Make a one-time Donation

Become a Monthly Donor

Please click on the donation button below, enter the amount you'd like to donate monthly and check the box to the right that says 'make this a recurring donation.' Example below.

Your donations help support all of our programs. Those costs include; supplies and Instructors for Workforce Readiness and Empowerment Workshops, One-on-One mentoring sessions with trained business professionals, Education expenses (school fees and boarding supplies, plus counseling and other healthcare expenses, mentoring and tutoring).

Thank you for your support!