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Our Community Partner in Education, since 2012

Community partnerships allow Right 2 Thrive to share responsibilities with local schools, government agencies, and community groups and work collectively to break the cycle of multi-generational poverty.

From Bignet to Eldema Letap Academy

Right 2 Thrive has partnered with this school (formerly Bignet, now Eldema Letap Academy) since 2012 when the director and founder, John Bigingi would allow us to utilize his classrooms after school for Youth Empowerment and Adult Education Classes (English, Business, Communication, etc.) 

Bignet Education Centre 2012-2022, Kabiria

Right 2 Thrive partnered with Bignet Education Centre for 10 years when it was located in Kabiria, a low-income community in Nairobi. We ran an after-school youth empowerment program to teach students life skills such as emotional intelligence, stress management, communication, and so much more. In 2022, The Patel family built a new school for Bignet. It opened in January 2023 under the new name of Eldema Letap Academy. 

Eldema Letap Academy Built and Opened in January 2023 by the Patel Family

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