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Happening Now: Celebrating Innovation & Progress in Challenging Times


Fashionable Face Masks

Lilian Ingasia is a 32-year-old mother of four
and a tailor by profession. Her home doubles
as her work station, where she has been
making stylish masks during the COVID-19
outbreak. Lilian provides for her family
through her work, especially these past few
months as she has completed many orders
since March. Her motivation is rooted from
her compassion; she enjoys the fact that she is
helping in the fight against COVID-19 with her


Farming for Survival

Edwin Wesonga went from being a university student to a small business owner during Covid-19 lock-down in Kenya. Edwin is a 22-year-old university scholar in Right 2 Thrive's (R2T) education program. He is very close to completing his Diploma in Business Management and intends to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture next. Edwin is the second born in his family and grew up on a farm in Western Kenya.


Holistic Healthcare

Pauline Kerubo Nyakundi has been a Right 2
Thrive scholar since 2008. She graduated from St. Paul's University with a diploma in Community Development in October 2019. Following an internship with the Red Cross, Pauline pursued her passion for helping people through holistic healthcare practices. She is a certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Holistic Massage Therapist.

Every Child Deserves an Education. Sponsor a scholar and change a life. 

Meet our enthusiastic primary school students and give the gift of a bright future by becoming a sponsor for just $42/month or $500/year.

Right 2 Thrive's Primary School Education Sponsorship Program is for students who live in the community we serve, Dagoretti, in Nairobi, Kenya. A gift of only $42 monthly or $500 annually ensures one of these smiling faces gets the following benefits: school fees, text books, supplies, uniform, shoes, lunch, field trips, healthcare, dental care, individual mentoring, attention, and love. As his/her sponsor, you will receive 3 letters from your child throughout the year and one video message. You can also receive more frequent updates via Whatsapp if you're interested. You will receive a sponsorship package with more personal information once you select a child.