Economic Empowerment Program (EEP)

The EE Program helps men and women embrace their self-worthiness and provides them with vital business skills and training.



A large number of men and women in Dagoretti lack formal education, self-confidence, and business skills needed to earn an income and meet their family’s basic needs. Additionally, women in Dagoretti are often single mothers, uneducated, unemployed, and refugees living in severe poverty. They lack the ability to save or borrow the minimum funds necessary to open, operate and maintain businesses.





Provide business skills to men and women through a 4-week education series that includes personal empowerment, business planning, financial recordkeeping, customer service, product pricing, inventory tracking, marketing and branding.



Introduced in 2015, CapStart offers capital investment and support to graduates of our Economic Empowerment Program to start and improve their businesses. We carefully evaluate each business and invest where there is the greatest potential for growth and job creation. Rather than having the recipients repay a loan, we have a pay-it-forward policy that requires them to give away goods or services equal to the investment. 



•Since 2012, over 2,000 women registrants have taken our empowerment and business classes

•5 women have started their own businesses through our CapStart Program 

The Kustawi Ladies have sold over $8,000 worth of projects in the USA since forming their own Self-Help Group under the guidance of Right 2 Thrive. Learn more about the Kustawi Project.

  • In January 2018, R2T will offer economic empowerment to both men and women equally..

Kustawi Ladies
Kustawi Ladies

Kustawi Ladies
Kustawi Ladies


Under the guidance of Right 2 Thrive, the Kustawi Ladies are learning business skills to help them become their own independent, profitable business.

“I’ve learned things that have improved my business like how to handle customers and record keeping. It has even improved my income so that I can be able to feed my family.”—Doricas

Kustawi Lady and Business Mentee

We accomodate young mothers so they can still learn while caring for their children.