Dagoretti South Constituency of Nairobi, Kenya

Right 2 Thrive works in Dagoretti, a community in western Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Most of the community lives in extreme poverty and lacks sufficient basic human needs including; adequate housing, nutritious food, clean water, decent healthcare and quality education. These resources are available around Dagoretti, but it is difficult if not impossible for the poor to access them without employment and a livable income. We address this need by connecting residents with the educational opportunities necessary to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Unsanitary Environment

  • Lack of a sewage system and access to sanitary toilets which leads to illness

  • Limited means to access basic healthcare, medicine and vaccinations

  • Lack of clean water and nutritious food

Harsh Living Conditions

  • Small, unsafe and often illegal shacks as homes

  • Limited access to electricity or running water

  • Corrupt government and local authorities

  • Violence against women in the community and the home

Financial Hardships

  • Lack of skills and education, illiteracy, and tribalism are roadblocks to employment

  • Unpayment from employers with no legal recourse

  • Lack of income keeps kids out of school or forces parents to send them to children’s homes

Dagoretti South Map.PNG

Kenya's capital, Nairobi, has more than 40 areas defined as informal settlements or slums.

Approximately 60% of Nairobi's population, of 4.4 million people, live in low income settlements.


There are many infectious diseases that cause health problems in these low income settlement environments.

Right 2 Thrive's programs operate in Kawangware, Riruta Satellite, Kabiria (different from Kibera), and Waithaka.