The Kustawi Project Testimonials


Handbag student shares her feelings after selling her first two handbags

"When I joined Right 2 Thrive in August 2012 as a personal empowerment student, I was idle and had no self-esteem. I used to be so shy but never again will I be afraid of anything. I am strong now."-Christine

Women's Economic Empowerment Testimonials

"The women's economic empowerment program opened my mind to a lot of things which I never thought were important in running a successful business. I really enjoyed my time with the instructors, made new friends, and have a new focus on life."

-Wukister Mabago, WEE Participant, April 2015

"The thing I liked most about the WEE program is how I learned to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I also learned how to start a business with a small amount of money and how to expand it through good customer service." -Anne Mbithe

"The WEE training was helpful and has changed the way I conduct my business. I will use what I have learned to improve my customer relations and which will increase my profits."-Lucy Kania

"The way I see it is, before Right 2 Thrive we were analog and now we are becoming digitized." -Fanice Kemuma, Kustawi Ladies Group Member,