Right 2 Thrive’s Wine for Food Campaign

The Wine Shop at Home presents an easy and delicious way to support families in need of food in Kenya, during the pandemic.

Wine Consultant, Kari Sanders is donating her commissions to Right 2 Thrive in support of our Survival Food Kit campaign to feed 300 casual laborers and their families who have no means of making money due to the COVID quarantine restrictions.

How you can help:

1) Order your wine online here. You can also order Personalized Wine, or go for the ultimate COVID coping mechanism and order a Half-Case of Wine.

2) Notify Kari of your order at wineshop@karisanders.com.

It’s that simple! The really nice thing about these wines is they don’t have any preservatives and have very low sulfates, so people call them “headache-free” wines. Yes, please!

John distributing food.png

Right 2 Thrive is an international non-profit registered in the US and Kenya. EIN # 26-2035609.

With love, compassion and headache-free wine, we will thrive in the face of adversity. #community


Case of wine.PNG

Never before has been there been such a win-win situation. Buy wine online and help feed 300 families in Kenya.