Class 8 Students

Education Scholarship Program

Give the gift of a bright future by becoming a sponsor for just $42/month or $500/year.

Right 2 Thrive's Primary School Education Scholarship Program is for students who live in the community we serve, Dagoretti, in Nairobi, Kenya. A gift of only $42 monthly or $500 annually ensures one of these smiling faces gets the following benefits: school fees, text books, supplies, uniform, shoes, lunch, field trips, healthcare, dental care, individual mentoring, attention, and love. As his/her sponsor, you will receive 3 letters from your child throughout the year and one video message. You can also receive more frequent updates via Whatsapp if you're interested. You will receive a sponsorship package with more personal information once you select a child. 

Primary School Scholars

Emelda, Class 3
Dan, Class 5


Ramsey, Class 3
Milton, Class 5
Elizabeth, Class 3
Diana, 20
Completed a Diploma in Information Technology in October 2019. Now transitioning to a bachelor's program.
Imelda at home (1).JPG
Imelda, 20
Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Actuarial Math. 

Higher Education & University Scholarships

$2500 per student, per year


Right 2 Thrive provides Education Scholarships to students in Nairobi, Kenya who would otherwise never be able to afford an education. The cost of attending University is $2500 per year, per student. If you'd like to sponsor one of our students, please click the button below their photo. If you'd like to make a contribution to their education but can't contribute the full amount, please use the purple donate button in the upper right corner of this page. You can also make recurring monthly payments in the amount of $208 per month. Thank you for your support!!!!!!!!!! If you have questions or would like more information, please email Janet at

Clinton, 18
Pursing a diploma in Photography and Film Production at an international school in Nairobi.

Brian, 20
Pursuing a diploma in Art from BIFA. Also looking for opportunities to play professional soccer.