How Your Donation Helps

Examples of how we use donations:


$5           Covers the cost of meals for 1 primary student for a month


$10          Allows 1 child to particpate in our Youth Empowerment Program for a month


$20          Buys 1 pair of school shoes


$25          Cost of primary school for 1 student for 1 month ($300/year)


$100        Cost of school uniform and classroom supplies for 1 primary student


$500        Covers business training and capital funding to start 1 new business 


$1000      One Women's Economic Empowerment Workshop for 50 women


$2000      One full year of all expenses for 1 secondary school student 

                (includes boarding supplies, food, school fees, uniform, mentoring, etc.)


$3000      One full year of all expenses for 1 university student including healthcare.