Evaluation Methods

Statistics are certainly vital for evaluating the efficiency and success of our programs. Because we believe in the importance of recognizing and celebrating the individual participant's success, we collect both quantitative and qulitative data. Our evaluation methods include:

Student Surveys

We conduct students surveys at the start, mid-term and at the end of each semester.

Teacher Evaluations

We evaluate teachers at the mid-term and at the end of the semester.

Progress Reports

Teachers create and review thorough mid-term reports on each student.

Business Mentee Progress

We document individual progress made by each mentee and use the information to help guide them and to help develop more effective business training workshops.


Students provide written or video testimonials where they share their feelings on the classes and any successes they have experienced as a result.

Student/Teacher Meetings

Teachers meet with students one-on-one throughout the semester to discuss their progress and to outline goals.

Individual Documentation

When meeting with students we document any successes and challenges they experience so that we may better collectively identify and address themes.

Focus Groups

We seek input from community members and use it to develop more effective programs and classes.