CapStart Initiative



Women in Dagoretti are often single mothers, uneducated, unemployed, and refugees living in severe poverty. They lack the ability to save or borrow the minimum funds necessary to open, operate and maintain businesses.



Introduced in 2015, CapStart offers capital investment and support to women graduates of our WEE Program to start and improve their businesses. We carefully evaluate each business and invest where there is the greatest potential for growth and job creation. Rather than having the women repay a loan, we have a pay-it-forward policy that requires them to give away goods or services equal to the investment.



• Increase the presence of women-led businesses 

• Improve the local economy with effective business models

• Stabilize the status of current women-run businesses

• Foster women community leaders and decision makers

• Widen community support with pay-it-forward policy

Weekly One on One business mentoring with Instructor Judy Anyango.

Selina owns her own tailoring business. Right 2 Thrive worked with her to expand her business and increase her profits. 

New Hair Salon owner, Mercy, working on a new client. Check out Mercy's testimonial here.