Right 2 Thrive Board Member Job Description


Title: Board Member


Length of Term: Minimum of two years


Purpose: To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, assist with the leadership, advocate and fund-raise on behalf of Right 2 Thrive (R2T) so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.


R2T Mission: Our Mission is to gather resources and establish locally based programs that empower people living in disadvantaged areas to improve living conditions and develop self-sustaining communities.

Organizational Summary: R2T works in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide free classes in personal empowerment, English, handcraft, and business. We provide one-on-one business mentoring to our adult students. We provide one-on-one personal mentoring to secondary school students in our sponsorship program. Our goal is to work with families living in poverty to ensure caregivers learn the skills necessary to earn an income and keep their children in school. The hope is to break the cycle of poverty through this holistic approach of working with the entire family. Ultimately, the cycle breaks when the next generation gets a good education and is able to earn an income that gets them out of poverty.


General Expectations: R2T board members are expected to meet certain standards of board behavior and conduct as outlined below.

  • Know the vision, mission, purposes, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths and needs of R2T.

  • Counsel the Executive Director as appropriate and support him or her in the work.

  • Attend board meetings in person or online.

  • Serve on committees as assigned.

  • Serve in leadership positions and undertake and follow through on special assignments willingly and enthusiastically.

  • Keep abreast with trends in the charity sector and other factors that will affect the work of R2T.

  • Maintain independence and objectivity and exercise fairness, integrity and ethics in the execution of their duties.

  • Represent R2T publicly and seek to promote the image and interests of R2T whenever appropriate.


Meetings and Time Commitments: The board of directors meets monthly. The annual meeting takes place in January. Board members are expected to attend 75% of meetings in the course of a year in person or via online conferencing. Failure to attend 75% of the meetings may result in dismissal.

  • Read the minutes of meetings and supporting materials prior to R2T Board and committee meetings.

  • Maintain confidentiality of the R2T Board meeting sessions, and support the final majority decision on issues discussed by the R2T Board.


Financial Responsibilities

  • Exercise prudence and integrity in the management, control and transfer of R2T funds, investments and other financial assets.

  • Review and approve R2T’s financial statements and budgets, paying attention to issues that are of concern to R2T.

  • Be personally responsible for giving or getting at least $2,000 annually. This can be given personally or by getting others to give in a number of ways.


Fundraising and Awareness

  • Each board member is expected to organize and host an annual fundraising activity on behalf of R2T.

  • Assist R2T by supporting fundraising strategies and promote these strategies through personal influence, solicitations and contacts with corporations, individuals, foundations and others.

  • Act as primary advocate and ambassador for R2T by regularly sharing updates, stories and news via social media, email and other forms of communication when appropriate.



  • Previous experience as a Board Member or a Board Advisor a plus.

  • Experience in Finance, Accounting, Fundraising, Non-Profit Management, Business Development or Management, Grant Writing, Law, or Marketing and Communications. Experience working internationally a plus.

  • Established professional and leader in given field of expertise with a network of contacts and ability and willingness to leverage them in support of Right 2 Thrive's mission and strategic goals.

  • Passion for empowerment, entrepreneurship, education, and poverty alleviation.

  • Ability to attend monthly board meetings in person or via online conferencing.

  • Ability to prioritize time to read board minutes and supporting materials including regular emails between the Board and Executive Director and respond in a thoughtful and timely manner.

  • Ability to think critically, plan strategically and remain mission-focused in all decision making processes. 

  • Must maintain confidentiality.

  • Ability to execute assignments and meet deadlines.

  • Must have strong organizational, communication, networking, and follow-up skills.


Conflict of Interests

  • Serve R2T as a whole rather than any special interest group or constituency.

  • Declare any personal or vested interest in business transactions, contracts and/or joint ventures that R2T may enter into, as soon as such conflict or the possibility of such conflict arises and to abstain from discussion, decision-making and/or voting on the transaction or contract.

  • Declare any close relationships (i.e. more than acquaintances) with staff or recruits, and refrain from influencing decision in the recruitment process.

  • Serve his or her term of office without remuneration so as to maintain the integrity of serving for public trust and community good instead of for personal gain.

  • In performing board member duties, not to accept or offer personal favors or gifts from or to any interest group, constituency, or R2T staff.


Salary: Unpaid Board Position


How to Apply:

  • Send your resume and brief statement of interest to info@right2thrive.org

  • All applicants will be contacted for a brief phone screening. Selected applicants will be scheduled for an interview with a board member. Final candidates will be scheduled to meet the Executive Director.