How Your Donations Help

One-Time Donation

Some examples of our costs each semester (4 months):

Rent and utilities for the Empowerment Center: $1,500

Personal Empowerment class supplies: $20

Handcraft class supplies: $600

English class supplies: $40

Business Entrepreneurship Program supplies: $300

Basic office supplies: $100

Secondary School Sponsorships:

Costs are approximately $1,500 per year, per student which includes tution, boarding, meal plans, school supplies and other necessary wrap-around services.

Your donation will be DOUBLED this month thanks to an anonymous donor who will match all donations made in April up to $2,000!!

Why cash donations are preferred: We have made attempts to ship clothes, school supplies, toothbrushes, and non-perishable foods to Kenya at great expense to us and far too great an expense to our partners in Kenya. Upon receiving the shipment in Kenya there are duty and customs fees that are simply not affordable. It makes much more sense for us to raise money and purchase goods locally; it also helps their local economy in Kenya. Having said all that, whenever any of our Board members or supporters travel to Kenya we do our best to load our luggage with donated clothing and essentials. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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